Green Monday: Is it a Monday where everyone wears green? Or is it some environmentalist holiday celebration? Nah, we’ve already got Arbor Day and Earth Day, so it can’t be that sort of green.

Just to confuse everyone, Green Monday is basically the sequel to Cyber Monday. Green Monday’s been around since 2007, when eBay decided to bring back its Black Friday sales online on the second Monday of December. Apparently, everyone needs another seasonal shopping holiday, so Green Monday was added to the roster as a quieter, sneakier, and smaller Cyber Monday that no one hears or knows about until it's time. It's the ninja version of Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday on stealth mode.

You get the idea.

Of course, elitefts is in the loop and has some great Green Monday mobile wallpapers (scroll to the bottom of the page), and more importantly, deals. Go check them out!