The mission of Tutela Training Systems is clear: to help as many people as possible become the best version of themselves. For most businesses, this is simply a lame marketing attempt to get new members in the door. For Chris Tutela, it's the truth.
Over the last year, Chris has been regularly submitting articles to, writing on a variety of topics ranging from training and conditioning for football to how you should eat to put on mass. He has written about firefighters and weight cuts and the importance of making sure your efforts are directed at the right goal. His most well-read articles on include:
These articles were written for one purpose: to further the Tutela Training System mission of helping as many people as possible become better versions of themselves. We've taken notice of this and are officially announcing the addition of Chris Tutela as the newest elitefts columnist.
Check out Chris' author page to catch up on all his previous work and read the bio below to learn more about him.

Chris Tutela is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist in Clark, New Jersey. He is the owner and operator of Tutela Training Systems, where he works primarily with college and high school athletes, as well as with the general population. Chris has been working with athletes since 2006, including two seasons as the head strength and conditioning coach for a high school football program in New Jersey in 2013 and 2014. He has also worked with a nationally ranked high school basketball program in New Jersey. Tutela Training Systems, has a reputation for drastically developing, strength, performance and total body transformation for athletes and clients of varying experience levels and goals.