In response to the popularity of his peri-workout supplement Intra-MD, John Meadows announced last night that he has designed and will soon release a lower-carbohydrate formula

The new formula, which John described in detail through a Facebook post, includes a high-yielding glycerol powder and a TeaCrine, a caffeine alternative, as its most important ingredients.

Low Carb intra md

In text form, here is John's post:

*** New product coming SOON!

IntraMD has proven to be an awesome product, but there were those of you who wanted a low carb formula version too.....well....HERE YOU GO!

We made sure to not just make this an EAA or BCAA formula. We have done 2 things in particular with this to make it a stand out product.

#1 - HYDROMAX - If you are familiar with my methods, you know I believe in getting crazy pumps. Once such ingredient that will help in this Hydromax.

HydroMax is the highest yielding glycerol powder available...with almost 9x more glycerol by weight than next closest powdered glycerol delivers.

It is osmotically active, naturally occurring compound that helps optimize muscular, intracellular fluid status, and again to help achieve crazy pumps.

We got aggressive on dosing here too, and included a 4.5 gram dose per serving of HydroMax, this is greatest in the industry as far as I know.

- Both Offseason and Intense Inseason athletes benefit from optimal cellular hydration, plasma volume support for muscle tissue perfusion during hard training conditions...
#2) TeaCrine®: - I also wanted something for clear and focused thought and "clean" energy I'll call it. This is where TeaCrine comes in. It works through not only adenosine receptors like caffeine to fight fatigue, but also via Dopamine receptors and other neurotransmitters plus there is NO habituation. This means no build up of tolerance or crash that is so typical of many energy ingredients...such that your 30th dose delivers like the first one in your Mountain Dog training!

This version also is:

**The only theacrine with multiple patents pending globally
**The first and only with multiple human clinical research on
safety & efficacy
**The only theacrine with a validated reference standard and assay method to assure purity, potency and quality that assures the TeaCrine used in human research reliably translates to real-world results
**Novel, evidence based neuro-bioactive agent that can amplify effects of caffeine & other stimulating energy ingredients. **Experience TeaCrine® with to complement caffeine or without caffeine when looking to minimize its undesirable aspects.

- LAST BUT NOT LEAST - Another special aspect about TeaCrine® is that is has not impacted blood pressure or heart rate in humans, unlike other stimulant ingredients. Also, it has been shown in some preclinical studies to NOT impact adrenal gland stress hormone release. Pretty cool!

Next's coming!