Today Dr. Jordan Shallow welcomes Matt Vincent to RX’D Radio. Matt Vincent is a 2X Highland Games World Champion, the CEO of HViii Brand Goods, UMSO Podcast host, CEO of Habit Coffee Co, and a full-time adventurer.

Shallow and Matt start the discussion off about the value of experience versus education, as well as their personal beliefs on religion and the afterlife. Matt retells of his time competing in Iceland and the pair pontificate on how 100 million dollars may (or may not) change their lives.

Matt provides us with perspective on the importance of fostering more intimate relationships, and the two challenge each other’s viewpoints on the moral obligations of social media platforms such as Instagram. We finish with some advice on what it really takes to branch out and create your own livelihood, and we're reminded that taking a risk and learning from failure is better than taking no risk at all.

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