Announcing the 2015 Motivation and Willpower Seminar (Live Event on April 22nd)

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Today I am excited to announce the 2015 Motivation and Willpower Seminar, which is a live online class that I will be hosting on April 22, 2015.

Spring and summer are upon us and habits have a tendency to fade away when summer vacations and outdoor activities slide back into our schedules. It’s the perfect time to re-energize your efforts and learn how to maximize your willpower and motivation for the middle of the year.

If you’re wondering, “Is this different than the Habits Seminar?” Yes, the Motivation and Willpower Seminar is a completely different class.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Before I explain the seminar, let’s talk about why you would want to attend…

How Willpower and Self-Control Impact Your Life

Here’s the deal: researchers at top tier institutions have been fascinated with success for decades. And this research obsession has led to one very clear conclusion:

Success and self-control are twisted together tighter than two strands of DNA.

  • One study at Stanford, which I covered here, has spent the last 40 years uncovering the link between self-control and success. The result? Self-control determines long-term success in life, work, and health than any other metric.
  • Another study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania discovered that grit (perseverance toward long-term goals) was the biggest predictor of success for military cadets, spelling bee competitors, high school students, and nearly everyone in between.
  • Research from Finland has uncovered the importance of Sisu, a quality of mental toughness and willpower that is closely related to grit, for long-term accomplishment.

Here’s the bottom line:

The people who can master self-control and display willpower on a consistent basis are more successful than those who can’t. Simple as that. Success usually comes down to choosing the pain of discipline over the ease of distraction.

If you were going to create a seminar on one topic that 1) directly led to success in the real-world and 2) has been proven by academic research, then self-control and willpower would be the best pick. And that is exactly why I’m hosting the 2015 Motivation and Willpower Seminar.

The 2015 Motivation and Willpower Seminar

Why does understanding your willpower and self-control lead to increased success?

Consider the following examples:

  • Writers who have the self-control to sit down churn out words day after day will produce more work (and better work) than those who don’t.
  • Athletes who have the willpower to put in an extra hour of practice will outlast their competition on the field.
  • Managers who understand how to motivate their employees to deliver on a more consistent basis will drive results through the roof.
  • Students who have the discipline to study for an extra 20 minutes each day will get higher test scores.
  • Individuals who have the self-control to miss fewer workouts and turn down extra snacks will build more muscle and burn more fat.
  • Sales Teams that have the willpower to make more calls each day will end up driving more revenue.

The solutions to our problems are all around us. We know what to do. Now we need to know how to do it more consistently. This seminar will help with that. I guarantee it.

Learn More and Register

The seminar is on April 22nd. Early Bird pricing ends on April 20th at 11:59PM EST. (Use offer code: EARLY)

Click here to learn more and register for the 2015 Motivation and Willpower Seminar.

James Clear writes about science-based ideas for building habits that stick and mastering your craft. His adventures have taken him to over 20 countries and he frequently speaks to top tier organizations about change management, decision making, and mastering the art of continuous improvement. You can request to have him speak at your organization here.