Workout details and photo courtesy of Alexander Juan Cortes

Meadows Rows

Warm-up: 3 sets

Work: 4 working sets

*Played around with foot position to specifically target the lower lats and insertion. Topped out at about 10 reps per set, super strict with a paused contraction at the top.

Swiss Bar Pulldowns

Warm-up: 2-3 sets

Work: 2-3 sets

*John and Dave hammered Andrew on his mid traps and spinal erectors with these (how to lean back at just the right angle) and create a dead center contraction. John and Dave decided to work this area especially hard as Andrew had never emphasized that portion of his back.

T-bar Row

 Work: 4 sets

Prone Shrugs

Work: 4 sets

*These were uniquely challenging, as your subscaps and rhomboids burn out surprisingly fast when you shrug "back" and not up. Setup is key, as it's easy to turn this into a trap movement without realizing it.

Chest Supported Rack Scraper Rows with the Cambered Bar

Work: 4-5 total sets

*Added weight with plates and quarters till we couldn't get a good contraction.

Standing Pullovers with a Double Grip on a Grenade

Superset with

Standing Pulldowns using a 45-degree Angle

Work: 3 sets 10-15 reps each

*The pre-exhaust from the pullovers forced the teres major and minor and mid back to do more work.

Seated Supinated Curls

Superset with

Standing Barbells Curls

Work: 3 sets

*The emphasis with these was the lower biceps, so we can move the DB path strict while only performing 1/2 reps on the barbell curls. After 3 sets we'd charged through about 70 or so reps pretty fast.

John finished us off with a forced rep and a 10-second isohold to cramp the entire bicep up completely.

Total Work: 24-25 sets for back and 8 sets for biceps

Let it be said that Dave complained about the curls the entire time and insisted they are a nonfunctional movement.