"You have cancer" are words no one wants to hear their doctor say. But it happens and it happened to me in early 2009. Stage 3 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (diffuse large B cell lymphoma of follicular center cell origin) was the diagnosis which was later confirmed on a second-opinion visit to UAB Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. So this is where my journey to fight this disease began.

Supported by my loving family, friends, and church, I agreed to an aggressive regiment of Chemotherapy (CHOP+R). The first year of treatment was difficult as expected. Side effects of the drug included hair loss, extreme fatigue, anemia, compromised immune system, abnormal blood counts, weight gain from steroids, and permanent neuropathy (loss of feeling) in both feet . Trips to the cancer clinic for treatments, scans, chest port maintenance, and endless shots to boost blood counts made up my world. I withdrew from all normal activities and began to hibernate at home. Then the next PET scan revealed the prescribed chemo was working— I was going into remission.


She is the most mentally tough individual I've ever met in my life.—Rick Razzano


Hope returned and prayers were answered. But chemotherapy treatments were to be continued as this type of lymphoma is treatable but not curable and could return anytime. It wasn't until our daughter, Macy, returned home from living abroad that my world began to change. Being a pro-athlete, Macy was determined to get me out of bed, out of the house, and back into a healthier lifestyle. Proper nutrition (isagenix) and some kind of exercise program became my new focus. I was never an athlete or even a runner, but before I knew it I was gaining strength, confidence, and determination to get my body in better shape.



Then the biggest game changer in this journey of survival came when I was introduced to Rick Razzano at Pain Train Fitness in Daphne Alabama. Macy trains there regularly and she set up an interview. Rick didn't show any hesitation with my age or my health condition. He opened his mind and big heart and took me on as a client at his Pain Train Fitness gym. He designed workout routines that would challenge and astonishingly push all levels of athletes. For me, he created a drive to accomplish tasks I had never dreamed I could achieve. His support and encouragement has been amazing.


She is an inspiration not only in my gym but also in the community. —Rick Razzano

At Pain Train Fitness he has me competing against a group of fabulous gals (half my age) in races, heavy prowler sled pushes and pulls, and weight rep routines . It wasn't long until I became extremely fond of the prowler exercises which take place both inside the gym and out in the street. The prowler sled circuits Rick sets out have strengthened muscles and endurance levels that allowed me to compete in 5k, 10k and half marathon events in our area.



Recently I was surprised with a 69th birthday gathering at Pain Train Fitness. Turning 69 may not be special to some but the gift I was given made this the most memorable birthday ever. Rick brought out a brand new, custom-ordered and custom-made purple (for lymphoma) prowler from elitefts. Fighting through tears and overcoming the shock, I gladly embraced the beautiful sled with a renewed sense of hope and determination.

It is as much mental stress relief for her as it is physical gain when she comes in mentally down—she walks out of the gym on cloud nine. —Rick Razzano


I will forever be grateful to Macy Nelson and Rick Razzano at Pain Train Fitness for never giving up on me and for encouraging me to continue the fight. I believe I am stronger now and in better shape than I was 30 years ago. I know I will recover from chemotherapy treatments at a faster pace. Having my very own elitefts purple prowler is the perfect dose of medicine I need to help win this battle and complete my journey. Life is good again. I am blessed and I know it! And I will never give up! 

Pain Train Fitness