Source: T-Nation

It's not often that we will link off to an article on another web site but when we find something as good as this we feel it is our duty to share.

You have to check out this article from John.

You will learn....

•  Applying periodization to intensity techniques rather than sets and reps is rarely, if ever, talked about.

•  Technique Waving allows you to cycle in the most brutally effective intensity techniques without breaking the body down.

•  Technique Waving can be applied to any program, and using these tricks at the right time is what takes a program - and a physique - from good to awesome.

•  Use one high-intensity technique set on the last exercise you do for a body part. Any more would be too much. - T-Nation

Planned Brutality

Periodizing High-Intensity Techniques


Here is a video from the article shot here at Elitefts.