The National Strength and Conditioning Association invites you to attend the Tactical Strength and Conditioning Annual Training in Orlando, FL.

The 2015 Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) Annual Training is set to deliver a comprehensive learning experience to strengthen your skills and give you tools to get your tactical athletes physically prepared. Experts on human performance, strength and conditioning, exercise physiology, and nutrition who work in the military, law enforcement, and fire/first responder fields share valuable insights on injury prevention/rehab, general fitness and performance. Take your learning from the classroom to the field and apply your knowledge in hands-on sessions. Register now.

Date: April 6-9, 2015

Location: Wyndham Resort | Orlando, FL

CEUs: NSCA 2.0 │ BOC 20

You won't want to miss TSAC Annual Training - see what the 2014 attendees thought!

"The presentations were really great during the TSAC Conference. I am a first time TSAC attendee and needed to get more insight on the different training strategies for these athletes. I am very glad that I took the time to go learn new ideas."

"This is my second year attending TSAC. Your staff and presenters did a great job. Your approach to strength and conditioning is remarkable and I plan on acquiring the TSAC-F certification."

"Having the ability to not only network but also strategize with leaders in the variety of fields was highly resourceful."

"I can't thank the NSCA enough for the conference, it has been the best of the 3 I have attended with respect to content deliver, hands on sessions, and the information that I can take back to the RAF with respect to tactical strength and conditioning!"

Mike Asken, PhD and Psychologist for the Pennsylvania State Police | Opening Ceremonies Keynote

Asken Frequent advice to veterans returning from a tour of duty, as well as police and public safety personnel at the end of shift, is that they must change their behaviors and attitudes when they come “down off the wall.” While some adjustment is required when reintegrating into non-tactical environments, this presentation will discuss how a warrior mindset can be appropriate and productive across many aspects of one’s life. Further, it will suggest that strength and conditioning programs, whether rehabilitative, preparatory, or competitive in mission, are ideal platforms for helping warriors use and even strengthen mindset for success and satisfaction. Mike is the author of MindSighting: Mental Toughness Skills for Police Officers in High Stress Situations and Warrior Mindset: Mental Toughness Skills for a Nation's Peacekeepers with Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman and Loren Christiansen.

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