Everyone is aware of the intermittent fasting protocol and how just by skipping breakfast you can magically eat oreos at night and loose weight. This isn't true unfortunately. Before diving into the article presented by SuppVersity keep in mind, that IF dieting can be an effective approach, just like every other meal plan, when applied properly to the right population

This review of literature goes over type II diabetic patients who participated in an intermittent fasting protocol and people who consistently followed an IF protocol going back to "normal" eating habits.

Some of the most interesting findings where that blood glucose levels where elevated for up to five hours in the IF group that made the change. Additionally the non IF group had post prandial hyperglycemia after lunch AND dinner. Whats more interesting is the insulin response in the non IF group was delayed by as much as three hours. These are all major signs of issues in diabetics, risks involved with improper insulin timing, glycation, and hyper/hypoglycemia all come into play.

Of course 90+% of the readers on the site are not type II diabetics. However there is still plenty of takeaways from the article. The first being there is a major adaptation period in the IF protocol that is involved with starting and coming off of it. There were even fluctuations in blood lipid profiles. Ultimately the most important aspect to remember is skipping breakfast or fasting for 16+ hours does not increase weight loss without a caloric deficit. Just like any other meal plan. Be sure to think objectively when choosing what meal plan you commit too.

Read the full article here.

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