PowerNorth.ca Podcast: Episode 2 with Swede Burns

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Paul Villancourt, Shane Church and stand-in Jack O'Rourke take a long look into the beginnings of the book 5thSet For Powerlifting with author Cory Swede Burns.

Where did it come from? Why did he make it? How sexy is his beard? How awesome is Ottawa? Where can people find this amazing book? He shares details of his journey in the strength world, including what lead to 5thSet methodology and what is next for him as an athlete and coach. From a first set of weights, to an emergency surgery, to a return to the platform, nothing is glossed over.

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As PaulV said, "Don't you fucking dare download this book illegally. Pay the man his fucking money."

In case you missed it, last week we talked to Pro Strongman Ben Ruckstuhl about his recent catastrophic knee injury. He shares his plan of attack to get back in the game after a doctor's 6- to 12-month recovery sentence. LISTEN NOW!

5thSet For Powerlifting 

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