SOURCE: Bach Performance


Like any goal, there are multiple routes to your destination. In the case of rapid fat loss, the main tenants will always be a sound diet that puts you in a caloric deficit, and consistent efforts in the kitchen and gym. Plateaus are bound to happen, and that’s why we’re here. Run through the checklist of tips and look for areas to improve:

  • Experiment with IF
  • De-stress
  • Drop Grains for Greens
  • Calories are still king
  • Incorporate heavy lifting
  • Use sprints and HIIT
  • Assess and check your progress
  • Stop drinking liquid calories
  • Carb cycling
  • Protein in the am
  • Consistency Reigns king

Armed with these 11 Principles for Radical Fat Loss you’ll be able to troubleshoot your routine and get back on track. - Eric Bach

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