Dr Jordan Shallow and Killian Hamilton are back this week to break in the new official studio of RX’D Radio! A very special surprise, we get a sneak peek at the man behind the audio curtain, Kyle Lundy. Jordan and Kyle relive the early years of the podcast and how Kyle joined the Pre-Script™ team.

Shallow gives us an insider look at traveling between Canada and the USA during the pandemic. The conversation turns to how the government restrictions have affected our usage of social media, as well as how the internet has relinquished people from taking responsibility for the things they say and do. Shallow posits how most confrontations are instigated because of the desire for an argument, not necessarily for the antidote. We get insight into life growing up in Windsor, ON and explore the risks of starting your own online business versus coaching in a commercial gym. The boys remind us that it is okay to be happy, and give us some take-home pointers about developing intention behind our actions and how we use our social media.