Taking your workout outside could just be the environmental change you need to stay motivated, or just add fun to your workout.  Cardio is especially great to perform outdoors.  But what if it is really hot and humid out?  Lindsey Murray of abc news and health.com wrote an article sharing tips for keeping cool: 4 Essential Tricks for Staying Cool During Outdoor Summer Workouts.

1)  Don't Wipe Your Sweat Away
It is naturally our reactions to wipe sweat away from our bodies, but Jessica Matthews, senior advisor for health and fitness education at the American Council on Exercise, advises against this. The reason for this is the evaporation process of sweat from your skin cools off your body. She also recommends caring a mist-spray bottle to mist yourself just before the start of your workout to simulate this evaporation process.

2)  Consider the Heat Index
The temperature shown on thermometers isn't necessarily what it is going to feel like outside. This is especially true when humidity is quite high.

3)  Stay Hydrated
This speaks for itself. Jessica Matthews recommends 7-10 ounces for every 20 minutes of exercise, but it's fine (and much simpler) to drink when thirsty.

4)  Wear Breathable Material
Brendon McDermott PhD, and assistant professor in the graduate athletic training program at the University of Arkansas, stated that wearing lighter colored clothes doesn't make you feel cooler when compared to dark clothing. What is much more important is the material the clothing is made out of. Cotton is a terrible material to sweat in because the sweat will not evaporate, and that will make the material heavier. "Dry-fit" workout gear is the ideal training gear material.

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