In honor of our Nation's heroes and their families, 365 Strong Powerlifting Federation is holding a benefit meet at James River Church Fitness Center Arena on Novermber 19, 2016 in Ozark, Missouri to help raise money for a program called "Kids of Our Heroes." Kids of Our Heroes hosts a camp to help children cope with the injury or loss of a parent that was part of the military or a first responder team and establish a support system. This camp allows these children to meet others in a similar situation and provides counseling as well as fun activities.

"The goal of the camp is to provide support to the kids (ages 11-17) of our country's Wounded or Fallen Warriors (service members who have been wounded or killed in action in the service of our country...Our mission is to help children of our Heroes to develope the coping skills of courage, confidence, and resiliency to overcome the fears and challenges of living with and rising above the injury or loss of a parent or family member who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to our Nation."

To learn more about the camp and the activities provided, a link to the flyer can be found here.

There are a few steps to complete before this meet:

1. Become a lifetime member. This is $30 for a lifetime membership if completed before the meet, $45 if you pay when weighing in at the meet.

2. Register for this event.

3. Pay using PayPal. Enter the total amount you wish to pay into PayPal.

For More information, visit 365 Strong here


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