The Bryant household has been extremely busy since the start of the New Year with the publication of three brand new books currently making the rounds on Amazon. Josh Bryant has recently published Grapple Strong and Keto Built, with Keto Built earning the number one spot on the Amazon Best Sellers list. In addition, Josh’s wife Jennifer has released her first publication, a children’s book titled Achieve Anything: How To Set Goals For Children.


Grapple Strong is a perfect read for anyone looking to bridge the gap between the sport of grappling and the weight room. Josh and co-author world champion BJJ Adam benShea, lay out a fundamental strength-training program that ensures everyone develop the fundamental strength necessary to excel in grappling and all of its disciplines.

There is much misinformation out there. We felt it was important to give guys the necessary tools to strength train correctly. 


Keto Built provides the perfect blueprint for anyone looking to implement the Keto diet. Josh is a disciple of the Keto diet having used it since high school. In fact, Keto Built has remained number one on Amazon’s best sellers list for five weeks.

The mental clarity, the leanness and the overall sense of well being for myself, and others, has been unparalleled. I have blood tests that prove a dramatic increase in testosterone levels.


Jennifer Bryant, Josh Bryant’s wife and a former English teacher, is the newest author in the Bryant household with her new children’s book Achieve Anything: How To Set Goals For Children. It has yet to produce anything less than a five-star rating on Amazon. The illustrations found in Jennifer’s book are beautiful and the pages are filled with inspirational material, motivational lessons and easy to understand tools to help make goal setting simpler and more productive. In addition, children will learn the importance of self-confidence and the value of hard work. Jennifer’s inspiration for the book came directly from how Josh interacts with their two sons on a daily basis.

I believe being a father is the most important job in the world. I don't have much of a social life because my daily schedule consists of me spending time with my family, working on my business and working out. This has allowed my business to thrive.


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