Yessica Martinez is looking to become Miami's Baddest on Saturday, April 3rd at Crossfit Kendall down in the beautiful Miami, Florida.

Yessica has been busting her ass over the last several months to prep for this show, and she is primed and ready to go.

Yessica, competing in the lightweight women's division, will be looking at tackling the contests 5 events which are a mixture of mostly traditional strongman events, with a fun and creative medley to sandbag throw that you won't see in many shows.

The events and weights Yessica will be competing with are as follows:

Max Deadlift:  3 Attempts staring at 225 Lbs and working up with 15-pound jumps.

Press Medley 110# Log and 110# Axle for 3 reps each in the fastest time.

Yoke to Farmers:  25 Feet each. 400lbs/150lbs

Burden Run and Throw 135lbs Keg/ 20 Lbs Sandbag/12-foot height
Lifters will have 90 seconds total to complete a max distance (50ft turns)of their choosing with a keg. After distance is made, the lifter will have 3 attempts at making a bag over the bar.

Stone over bar.
60 seconds for max reps over bar with 143 Lbs stone.
When elitefts asked Yessica about where she was at going into the contest she told us "Signing up for a strongman competition, after a 5 year hiatus from the sport, only seemed right. Powerlifting will always be my first love but strongman is the sport that challenges me in all aspects, and I needed that after a break from competing. I’m fortunate to have this unique relationship with Mike, owner of The Battle Axe gym, where we go back over 10 years from hating each other (lol), to becoming friends, to becoming training partners, and eventually, having him coach me remotely. So he has witnessed all phases of my athletic career. And having a coach that programs but is also emotionally invested puts me in a fortunate place. He tells me “you’re very cerebral” and does my programming strategically because of it. It starts out fun! Relearning the implements, it comes back quick. I feel the strongest and most athletic I’ve ever felt (and I’m turning 30 in a month). But as the competition gets closer, I’m currently 9 days out, the physical aspect of it is stripped away. The focus now is all psychological. It’s about strategy. It’s nerve-wracking."

We are proud of the work Yessica has been able to accomplish and are excited to see how this contest goes.