Vince Mancuso from  contacted our Sales Director, Matt Goodwin to talk about home gym essentials needed for any fitness goal. Within a 10x10 space (the typical size of a room that appears to yield no value), Matt advises the homeowner on the affordable necessities that will transform this useless waste of space into a muscle-builder, sweat-and-strength haven.

In-home gyms serve the dual purpose of keeping you healthy and saving you money spent on costly monthly gym dues. 


In addition to outlining the elitefts bare essentials , Matt also covers home-gym misconceptions, homeowners often make when considering the possible investment.  In blunt terms, he explains why you don't need mirrors, dumbbells, a cable crossover machine, or a treadmill to reach your performance and physique goals.

“Cardio machines are going to be the biggest expense,” Matt says, adding a good-quality treadmill or elliptical machine can run anywhere from $2,000 to $2,500. Instead, he suggests something like Prowler push/pull sled, which can be found for less than $300.

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