After listening to John’s presentation, I found that he made points spanning from training, nutrition, to conquering weak body parts. As a senior in college with no weightlifting background I was able to use his talking points and examples and apply them to my own life.

He first asked us to think about what our destiny was. To be able to reach your goals, you must make them your daily habits. (i.e. “what am I doing day to day to make something happen?”)

Train smart. If you feel something strange while training, you should stop. If something does not feel right, don’t do it.

You must have a mind-muscle connection while training. John stated that a proper workout should start with a mental connection with the muscle.

There are 4 phases of a base workout.

  • Phase 1- Pre-pump activation: This is where the mind-muscle activation kicks in.
  • Phase 2- Train explosively: For example, for a squats decent you should have tension on the muscles. For the ascent, neuro-drive (most explosive aspect of the squat).
  • Phase 3- Supramax pump: Getting a good pump of muscle will help grow muscle mass.
  • Phase 4: Train muscle in stretch: Use an exercise with a good range of motion to open your muscles and stretch.

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