After listening to the seminar, I found that most of the points that Jim was making was about development. Jim Wendler is actually my brother’s strength and conditioning coach for London's football team. Jim’s presentation hit on multiple points about how he has made certain goals for the team and how developed they have become physically which relates to all populations. This methodology of the developed athlete mirrors bodybuilding, training, and coaching as well. I have compiled a list of different aspects of the development process per Jim Wendler.

  • “Control what you can in life, not what you can’t.”
  • “You can make things simple but not simpler.”
  • “Be organized.”
  • “Training revolves around balance. Persistence provides balance in the body.”
  • “Set new goals to accomplish. Continue to expand your training by avoiding repetition.”
  • “Push and pull. If you push something in, something has to come out.”
  • “Movement is life. Continue trying new workouts and new programs. Your strength and confidence will continue to develop.”

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Mallory is an intern at Elitefts. She is currently a senior at Wittenberg University pursuing a degree in English. She has an interest in writing and editing and hopes to become a project coordinator.