Being a bodybuilding judge takes more than being a fan. It takes more than years of following a sport and the ability to name every winner from 1965 to now. A judge is tasked with the responsibility to let objective criteria outweigh personal favoritism — and that's exactly what they do.

Despite the onslaught of political accusations in the wake of every Mr. Olympia winner ever (ever), judges are pretty confident in their placings. Many of them score bodybuilding competitions identical to one another, and even experienced fans of bodybuilding tend to predict results very similar to the eventual outcomes. How is this possible? Well, because the judges do their jobs: they use real criteria to evaluate a competitor's physique.

That's what Jerry Ward wants to point out in this video: if you're just a fan, don't try to be a judge.

[Start video at 6:10 for Mr. Olympia judging discussion]

Warning: NSFW Language

You can see the official 2015 Mr. Olympia scorecards from here:


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