Before 5/3/1, before thousands of questions on the Q&A, and before you could find a different strength seminar put on by three dudes in a garage gym every weekend, Dave Tate and Jim Wendler traveled around the country sharing their strength training knowledge with as many eager-to-learn lifters and coaches as possible.

It's easy to forget, all these years later, the impact that they had in the industry of strength seminars. Luckily, it's also easy to find a reminder.

Ken Kinakin of has been sharing videos on his Facebook that are pulled from the SWIS video library, each including a short segment of one of their many for-sale seminars*.

Here's one of the most recent videos, a clip from a training seminar by Dave and Jim:

And here's one more, from an Ed Coan presentation on the deadlift:

Videos and header image via Ken Kinakin,

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