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Great Observation:

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A good point learned from John, and especially watching him run over Dave in the most recent video

What we don't do tends to be the real reason we screw over our own processes. And this is often just ONE thing, but it dramatically affects everything else.

There's a tendency to believe the processes get stuck because of multiple reasons.

Maybe this is the case, but the root cause is often singular. It just creates a splintering effect, and we rush to assess and address all the cracks while ignoring the fracture

Maybe it's diet, maybe it's sleep, maybe its stress, so on and so forth

Trying to solve minute issues in these areas is a waste of time, you think your fixing something and you're not. It's putting caulking on cracks while ignoring your foundation having a split in it

Attack what you're not doing, and don't waste time on the minor points of what already isn't working.

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