Within the past few years foam rollers have become extremely popular in both fitness and rehabilitation environments.  When you are first introduced to them; it can be a little painful rolling over some specific muscle tissues (i.e. Quadriceps and IT Band), push through it because it is worth it.  Team elitefts™ comprised a foam roller educational video, below, that discussed: the benefits, various exercises, and different types of foam rollers that should be utilized.  This is the original Exercise Index post: Foam Roller.

Below are three beneficial uses of a foam roller:

  • Warm-ups: loosen the muscles via increased blood flow
  • Therapeutic: myofascial therapy and self massages
  • Prehab/Rehab: retrain proprioception and balance

elitefts™ has a huge variety of rehabilitation tools including many foam rollers.  Get healthy to stay healthy and injury free!