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1st place!!!  Surprised myself with this last minute competition:

Keg: 50/75/100 lbs

Sled: 185/205/225lbs, 2 min, 17 sec

125-lb Log Press: 2 out of 4 in 90 sec

Stone Carry and Load (50 ft): 115/130/148 pounds in 46 seconds

Tires: 100/200/300/400/500/600lbs in 2 min, 45 sec

Car Push (Jeep Wrangler): 300 ft in 1 min, 17 sec

My support system is unreal, thank you guys for always pushing me @thebattleaxegym @vinnner @mandyh826 @megsquid, and thank you to all who showed up to support everyone. The energy and the sportsmanship in this competition was probably the highlight of it all. Seeing everyone cheer each other on, despite if they were their competition, was the best thing to witness.

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