elitefts™ Pirate T-Shirt

This tee is a booty-huntin' shirt

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Pirate Lingo 101:

Batten down the hatches - put everything away on the ship and tie everything down because a storm is brewing

Blow me down! - expression of shock of disbelief akin to "Holy Crap!"

Booty - treasure

Buccaneer - a pirate

Crow's nest - small platform atop the mast where the lookout stands

Davy Jones' Locker - fabled, mythical place at the bottom of the ocean where the evil spirit of Davy Jones brings sailor and pirates to die

Doubloons - other coins or found in pirate hoards and stashes

Feed the fish - will soon die

SOURCE: www.piratetreasurenow.com

I personally like saying "booty."

I think I'm going to walk up to a girl and say, "You know, my booty gets me what I want." But it will be perfectly fine... because I will be wearing this shirt AND I will be talking about my money (aka: my treasure).

Solid. Plan.

Description: Shoulder-to-shoulder taping, quarter turned, pill resistant air Jet spun yarn, double-needle stitched neckline, sleeves and bottom hem. Pre-shrunk 50% cotton/50% polyester 5.6 ounce heavyweight with seamless collar.

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