Power The Training Of Champions

Power The Training Of Champions

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The book “Power. The Training of Champions” is the result of well over a decade of work in the field of strength and conditioning, and well over 15 years of experience in academics. The book includes quite an extensive literature review, anywhere from some of the classic readings in sports science such as Hakkinen, Komi, and Verkhoshansky, all the way to the most recent Comfort, Stone and Haff. The book never loses sight of the practical applications of evidence-based strength training for sport and it includes a broad variety of topics such as the maximum effort method, the dynamic effort method, the repeated effort method, velocity-based training, periodization, and the conjugate method. Antonio Squillante is considered one of the foremost experts in the field of strength training for sport, from research to practice. This book provides the reader with a set of guidelines to develop well-rounded, scientifically sound strength training programs for different sports with the ultimate goal of developing stronger, more powerful athletes. “Power, more than sheer strength, is what makes athletes better athletes”. (A. Squillante)

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