Rehband X-Rx Back Support 7mm Black

The Rehband X-RX Back Support sling is a very adaptable product with a highly stable construction. It is especially suitable for sports activities and heavy weight lifting.


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The product combines two different back straps - the 7mm SBR/neoprene bandage and an adjustable weightlifting belt. The belts can be worn together as a weightlifting belt over the neoprene bandage or separately. The X-RX Back Support thus provides the perfect combination of warmth, stabilization and compression for the lower back. The sling is specially designed for heavy athletic activity (power sports, strongman, weightlifting, etc.) and physically demanding work.


  • Protects against lower back pain, inflammation and wear and tear injuries in the lower back
  • Relieves pressure on the spine
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves muscle coordination
  • Provides stabilization
  • The 7mm neoprene back brace and weightlifting belt can be used separately or together (as shown)

  • Machine washable (40 °) | Laundry bag is recommended | Air drying only
  • Cover: 100% Polyamide
  • Foam: 70% SBR, 30% Neoprene
  • Lining: 100% Polyamide
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