Ultimate Sandbags™


Our DVRT Ultimate Sandbags are a unique fitness tool. We designed it back in 2005 to be used to maximize real world fitness. Being an “alive” fitness tool, there are many unique aspects that we like to share with you as the Ultimate Sandbag is NOT a barbell, a dumbbell, or kettlebell. In order to get the most out of our DVRT program, you will want to know how we designed the Ultimate Sandbag for maximal success. 



* Ultimate Sandbag Burly Package-Large Loadable from 60-120lbs

* Ultimate Sandbag Strength Package-Medium Loadable from 40-80lbs

* Ultimate Sandbag Power Package-Small Loadable from 20-40lbs


  • Does not ship with sand

Typically ships in 1 business day.



The use of sandbags for fitness may go back a long ways, but never as as serious and focused training tool. One of the primary issues was the fact that sandbags were always seen as “dirty” and easy to break. The innovative design of the Ultimate Sandbag doesn’t rest on canvas. We went for the “big guns”, a special material that doesn’t absorb sweat, it won’t rip your skin, and it is about 30% stronger than Cordura. While other companies spend time trying to convince you their sandbags are durable, we stand behind our fundamental value of providing a tool that will deliver on solving your fitness goals. That means no mess, no discomfort, nothing but an exceptional fitness experience. With a 30 day money back guarantee and a 3-year warranty on any manufacturing defects, we’ve taken not only sandbag training to new heights, but all the risk out of investing in the best way to train for real world strength and Ultimate Sandbag fitness!


We don’t want you to have an Ultimate Sandbag, we want you to use and experience the Ultimate Sandbag fitness difference! That means having a powerful training tool just gives you the potential to achieve greatness. Knowledge gives you the “know how”. We never wanted to offer just another “tool for the toolbox”, but a whole new way to see real world fitness. That is why the DVRT Ultimate Sandbag fitness system is so integral to the success we know you can achieve.

The DVRT system with the Ultimate Sandbag is the powerful combination that has made leading industry professionals change how they train and how they see “sandbag fitness” training. You don’t have to be an industry expert, athlete, or Marine to benefit from the Ultimate Sandbag fitness training. You DO have to be someone that wants to change how they feel, move, and perform forever!


Before the Ultimate Sandbag fitness program came out in 2005, the idea of a “sandbag with handles” was non-existent. In fact, some thought we were crazy. As with all good things, you have to start with the “why’s”. What motivated us to put handles on the Ultimate Sandbag? Another reason that sandbag fitness wasn’t very popular was sandbags were seen as “poor man’s barbells”. What you used when you really didn’t have anything else. That is because they versatility of sandbag fitness was limited due to the fact that a duffel bag wasn’t designed to be a powerful fitness tool.

Adding handles to our Ultimate Sandbag accomplished several goals. Not only did it increase the versatility from a few dozen exercises, but to a few hundred! Our handles also allowed us to expand the training system and build better progressions so that any fitness level could revolutionize their fitness and well-being from using our Ultimate Sandbag fitness program. We just didn’t THROW handles on a bag, but our handles are designed for the natural biomechanics of human movements.

Ultimate Sandbag Power Package-Small

  • Comes with one outer Power Shell (19Lx 9W) and two 5-20 pound fillers
  • Loadable from 10-40 pounds 
  • Does not ship with sand 
  • Recommended Loading Weights: Beginners: 20 pounds, Intermediate: 30 pounds, Advanced: 40 pounds recommended

Ultimate Sandbag Strength Package-Medium

  • One Strength Shell  (27L x 10W ) & two 20-40 pound sand fillers 
  • Loadable from 40-80 pounds
  • Does not ship with sand
  • Recommend Loading Weights: Beginners: 40 pounds, Intermediate: 50 pounds, Advanced: 60 pounds recommended

Ultimate Sandbag Burly Package-Large

  • Comes with one Outer Burly Shell (27Lx 13W), & three 20-40 pound fillers 
  • Loadable from 60-120 pounds
  • 12 Downloadable Workouts
  • Does not ship with sand
  • Recommended Loading Weights: Beginners: 60 pounds, Intermediate: 80 pounds, Advanced: 100 pounds+ recommended





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