elitefts™ Tagline White T-Shirt

The tagline says it all: Educating and outfitting the strongest athletes in the world.

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Tagline - noun \ˈtag-ˌlīn\ - a phrase or catchword that bceomes identified or associated with a person, group, product, et cetera, through repetition.

The tagline sets the stage for the whole experience - whether you're talking about a company, a movie, a novel, or something else.

Without the tagline, the skinny and/or obese, untrained people always ask me when I'm wearing my favorite shirt, "What the hell is elitefts?"

Elite Foot? Elite Feet? Eli Tefts? Who is Eli? What does he do? What is elite?

Thankfully, now we've got the tagline - What does elitefts do? We educate and outfit the strongest athletes in the world.

Question(s) answered.

Some other great taglines for your trouble:

"Work sucks." - Office Space

"If at first you don't succeed, lower your standrds." - Tommy Boy

Printed on our basic Gildan DryBlend athletic tee.

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