Train Become Driven Thermal

Inner drive is like a muscle: it's something you build.

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Think back to that time 2 or 3 weeks out from your last meet. You were feeling strong, your body was starting to get worn but you lived for that.  You were overreaching and you loved it. Everything clicked, everything was light (even when it was heavy) and you weren’t even phased by the aches and pains that come with this sport. THAT is when you became driven through training. That is what I’m talkin’ about.

Sometimes becoming driven is a process that you don’t even notice happening.  It’s not a change that happens over the course of a day or a week.  Training has a way of masking the process.  All you know is that you’re smashing PRs and you are getting more and more amped to get back on the platform.  Remember though, you didn’t wake up this morning and decide to hit a PR. You worked for it over the past couple weeks.  Training takes time, and so does becoming driven. 

Becoming driven through hard work is something we all need to strive for in our daily lives.  It’s that project at work that you got so excited about, or the weight scale at home telling you that you dropped 10lbs from your last weigh-in.  It’s that moment on the platform when you are so confident in your abilities that you’ve already made the lift before you took the bar out of the rack. Live for that. Work for that. Train – Become Driven. 

Printed on our Thermal Long Sleeve. 100% cotton.  6.25 oz. Contrast flat-lock stitching throughout. 2x1 rib-knit collar and cuffs. Contoured bottom waist hem

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