Tuesday March 10, 2015

4 days post XPC meet, getting back into the swing of things, nothing too crazy yet, still recovering from a crazy weekend.


Bar 10/10/10

65 Lbs 5/5

75 Lbs 5/5

95 Lbs 5/5

Bamboo Bar (using small bands and 30 lb kettlebells, crazy hard)


115 Lbs  10/10 with the Elitefts Shoulder Saver 

115 Lbs 20/20 close grip tricep burn out

20 Lb dumbell laying tricep kickbacks 12/12/12


I'm going to be adding in at least two kettlebell conditioning training sessions to my weeks, the two training regiments combined for me seem to be the perfect combo, like salt & pepper !

"Arriving at one goal is the staring point to another"

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