Fri, 10 Jun 16

Physically, I felt good all around today with one minor exception of funk during tugs.  This is all good and right and how it should be at the end of deloading.  Mentally I am still down in the crapper about not being able to be in Kentucky for nationals, but I will be sending good juju to the many guys and girls I know out there competing and working the comp.  On the positive side, my instructor was completely correct - there is no way I could have made up all the material I would have missed if I had not been in class and I also would not have been able to jump in to a BLS class at the last minute since my cert I got back in October failed to mention the term "AED" specifically on the card, making it unacceptable for some of the clinical sites for practicum and affiliations.  But even though it may have been the smart decision, it's still a nice big poop sandwich to choke down after 5 months of training and dieting and planning.  I'm glad to be finishing up deloading though and looking forward to my next block of training, even though I'm not exactly sure how the scheduling will work out right now due to my class schedule.  I may have to try to get one day a week in at the crappy on campus fitness center.  But I'll save that for a last resort.

Bench Press






I went back from a wider, flat foot setup to my usual narrow, heels up setup and everything felt much tighter and friendlier all around.







For some reason I was listing lazily to the left on most of my reps when I was coming up.  Going back down was good.  Not sure WTF was going on, but at least it was on a deload week.

DB Rows

10ea x 105

6ea x 155

2x12ea x 130

Incline Reverse Crunch/Seated SS Yoke Bar Calf Raise