Up early Thursday morning.


Let's just leave it at my warm up sets were dang near my max. Good grief, something better give soon.



As of Thursday, I was still waiting for things to snap back into shape. Getting up at 4:00 am for this garbage is not very motivating. I took a mental checklist of what might be contributing factors to this ridiculousness.

Potential areas of concern:

-Stress - through the roof and no end in sight.

-Sleep - never enough but that's not new.

-Illness - seem to be over the hump of sickness after sickness. Starting to feel like myself again.

Nutrition - Dropped 10 lbs being sick and still not too interested in eating on most days.

-Bloodwork - Everything was great last time I had blood work checked in January. Actually it was the best it's been in a while.

-End Of School Year Blahs - Most days I am pushing it with getting out of bed way too late. This happens every year about this time. The doors to my training open up quite a bit as far as scheduling in summer. However, if I do compete at FitExpo I need to squash this and focus on the task at hand because most of the training happens before summer break.

Sissy Factor - Confirmed. Perhaps it's just re-acclimating to event training.

Other Activities - I have been throwing a few days a week, nothing what I would consider to be too strenuous to impact my strength. I have also added in walking a couple times per week to prepare for this.

Perhaps a combination of many things is creating a perfect storm of destruction for my performance. The great news is I have control over most things on that list and am dedicated to moving past this and preparing to my greatest ability.