Now that I've given my body some rest after the APF Summer Bash, I've began to have some medial knee pain in my right knee. I'm still training hard, but I'm focusing on keeping my low back healthy and addressing my knee issues as well. The goal for 2017 is to end the year completely healthy and have a solid base to build a real training cycle on.

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Wednesday I got in some dynamic effort work, but I opted to drop all my training percentages quite a bit and really work on dialing in my technique and make sure things were feeling really good. I now know since this is written in hindsight that this probably was a sign that things were going too good. I felt it was some good momentum for the right direction at the time, and it was the first time that everything felt really good in a long time (back and knee). I was definitely hopeful that it was something to spring strongly off of. I now know that was not the case.

Items Used in this Training Session
Duffalo Bar
EZ Loaders
Texas Deadlift Bar

Warm Up
Soft Tissue Work - Glutes, Hamstrings, TFL, Quads, Calves
Hip Flexor Stretch - 30 sec per leg
Leg Lowering 1 - 10 per leg
Leg Swings (forward and side to side) - 10 per leg
Alternating Lunges - 10 per leg
Single Leg RDL - 10 per leg
Bulgarian Split Squat - 10 per leg
Lateral Lunges - 10 per leg
Hanging Knee Raises - 15

A1) Duffalo Bar Speed Squats vs 3 Chains Per Side
55x5 - add chains

B1) Sumo Speed Deadlifts

C1) Conventional Deadlift

D1) Single Leg RDL
3x15 per leg

E1) Reverse Hyper

F1) Plank Hold off GHR
3x30 sec