While I might not still be back to 100%, I'm healthy enough to compete bench only. Therefore, I am currently in meet prep, where I will compete at the APF/AAPF Summer Bash on July 29th, 2017. I'll be competing the 132-lb. weight class, multi-ply, where I look to bench press 500+ pounds, yet still mending my low back issues.

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With the meet fast approaching, Wednesday's work was my last real umph before meet day. I've always taken a heavy single or double with my bench press about 10-12 days out, as I feel it's much easier to recovery from benching than anything else. I do use accommodating resistance to keep things lighter in the bottom and still let me feel the weights. With me being in shirt, it's a bit different, but I still needed to get something "heavy" in my hands. I felt awesome, and got up to 300 for a really good single. Trey, my training partner, thinks I would have been good for 315 for a max effort day, so that's an excellent sign. I rounded things out with some back work with the volume and weights down a bit, and classed it a day. I think everything is firing on all cylinders.

Items Used in this Training Session
Sabertooth Bar
EZ Loaders
Blast Straps
Tsunami Lat Bar

Warm Up
Cats & Camels - 10
Quadraped T-Spine Ext - 10 each
Band Dislocations - 10
Alternating Band Dislocations - 10 each
Band Pressdowns - 15
Band Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns - 15
Band Face Pulls - 15
Single Arm Band Fly - 15 each
Band Rows - 15
Band Curls - 15

A1) Speed Bench Press vs 2 Chains Per Side
55x5 - add chains

B1) Bench Press vs 2 Chains Per Side
300x1 - PR

C1) Wtd Pull Ups (+15lbs)
3 sets, max reps

D1) Blast Strap Inverted Rows
4 sets, max reps

E1) Tsunami Bar Lat Pulldowns

F1) Face Pulls