In this Episode I interview Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, one of the THE top researchers on the Ketogenic Diet, Exogenous Ketones, and use of Ketosis for various Neurological conditions and performance outcomes for special populations (i.e. military divers using re-breathers to sneak up on the enemy).

Dr. D’Agostino has done some very good podcast interviews where he dives into the basics of the Ketogenic Diet (his interviews with Tim Ferris & Joe Rogan were both excellent), so rather than go into the basics of what a Ketogenic Diet is again, I decided to dive right into the science of the neurological aspects of Ketosis, and then discuss Exogenous Ketones and performance considerations for athletes. If you aren’t familiar at all with what a Ketogenic Diet is, you can see a definition and comparison between types of Ketogenic diets here. This was a great conversation, and Dom and I may do another Episode in the future, so if you have any additional questions for Dom in the future go ahead and leave them in the comments!

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