Main Squat - 18 Weeks Out / How I chose to have a good session

Today was a rewarding day. We went to a big group training session so that Seth could have spotters for the heaviest squat of his training cycle. It's been a challenge to learn to help him with his multiply gear, mostly to manage to get my own training in while making sure he is dry, comfortable, fed and hydrated. Today there was about 20-30 people sharing two monos and one box so it was stressful, and frankly, my anxiety was really high. My squats started out feeling awful, and by the time I was squatting 300, I felt that the weight I wanted to achieve was impossible. I was getting a headache from the stress of the day and just wasn't feeling it.

Here was the rewarding part -
After I was finished wrapping Seth's knees and he got his big squat, I realized I had a choice to chalk it up as a shitty day or pull myself together and get something done.
I took a deep breath and turned to one of my training partners who knew I was having a tough time, and she was too.
I said "You know what? It's a new day. It's a new training session. Nothing that happened before this matters. I'm getting this done"
The important part to note here is that I CHOSE to have a good day. To turn things around and not let my emotions get the best of me.


Box squat

No accessories because it took four hours to get through everyone's squats


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