While I might not still be back to 100%, I'm healthy enough to compete bench only. Therefore, I am currently in meet prep, where I will compete at the APF/AAPF Summer Bash on July 29th, 2017. I'll be competing the 132-lb. weight class, multi-ply, where I look to bench press 500+ pounds, yet still mending my low back issues.

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Sunday was a raw training session early in the morning. The training crew has moved to early morning training on Sunday's, and while I think some times they don't like it, it's just what needs to be done to get everything in. I enjoy being able to get things done, and then go to church and catch lunch with Adrian's family, and then usually spend the day with here and disconnect from the rest of everything else I've got going on. I think that's a very important part of training that can be worked on by most. But I managed to knock out some huge bench press PR's, which so that some good things are coming on the raw side of things. I hate this cambered bar work, so it's certainly some good progress.

Items Used in this Training Session
EZ Loaders
Shoulder Saver
Monster Mini Bands

Warm Up
Cats & Camels - 10
Quadraped T-Spine Ext - 10 each
Band Dislocations - 10
Alternating Band Dislocations - 10 each
Band Pressdowns - 15
Band Straight Arm Lat Pulldowns - 15
Band Face Pulls - 15
Single Arm Band Fly - 15 each
Band Rows - 15
Band Curls - 15

A1) Cambered Bench Press Bar to 1 Board vs 2 Chains Per Side
45x5 - add chains and 1 board
260x3 - PR

B1) Close Grip Red Shoulder Saver Bench Press vs 2 Chains Per Side
220x8 - PR

C1) Decline Rolling Tricep Extensions

D1) Close Grip Push Ups vs Band

E1) Close Grip Red Shoulder Saver Bench Press
145 x 3 sets, max reps

F1) Incline W+T
3x20 each
F2) Band Side Bends
2x25 per side