I’ve decided to start compiling my own “articles of the week” that go up here on EliteFTS. I’ve been an avid reader of EVERY article for roughly the past 4 years, and it’s the sole place that I go to increase my knowledge base, lifting, coaching, and personal growth. If you aren’t reading the articles on this site, you are really doing yourself a disservice! With that being said, here is the week in review of articles I either found interesting, useful, or just down right awesome. These are articles that spiked my interest and only reflect my views, but check em out and you can expect these every weekend for a LONG time. Enjoy!

Considering I was at the Arnold competing I had a hard time getting all my required reading and "studying" in. I decided to hold off until I was all caught up and get the previous two weeks in one good post. Enjoy all the awesome content that's been coming out!

The Mechanics of Recovery: Knowing When to Recharge by Bryan Mann

Leadership Values to Be a Better Coach by Nicholas Bronkall

How to Dial in Your Bodybuilding Condition by Derek Dolgner

6 Keys to Proper Speed and Agility Training by Mike Kozak

Time Management Tips for Busy Athletes by Julia Ladewski

Does Eating More Frequently Boost My Metabolism? by James Mcilroy

How to Find Your Perfect Bench Press Grip by Brad Longazel

LISTEN: You Can't Manage What You Can't Measure by Mark Watts

Muscle Logic 101 by Skill Hill

The Truth About Functionality by Antonio Robustelli

Applying Bodybuilding Science to Create a Genetic Freak by Scott Stevenson

Cheat Meals, Refeeds, and Triple-X Eating by Alexander Cortes

Know What You Don't Know, Execute What You Do Know by Dave Tate

16 Week Conjugate Periodization Program For Novice Powerlifters by Dave Kirschen

The Truth About Protein Powders by Supplement Watchdog

WATCH: Should I Bench in a Curve or Straight Line? by Clint Darden

WATCH: Joe Kenn's NFL Strength Coaching Guidance by Mark Watts

Weight Training for Runners by David Allen

3 Ways to Really Build Muscle by Dave Tate

LISTEN: Jay DeMayo's Rules for Transitioning to In-Season Training by Mark Watts