Some new variations I tried yesterday

- Very wide grip incline smith bench press - took these down to touch chest, paused, then drove up to 3/4 then back down. worked up in weight doing sets of 6 til I got to a very tough 6. My clavicular pec is definitely feeling these now.

- Incline Bench Cable Crossovers - do these with arms close to straight (not a huge bend in your elbows) and as you bring the weight up, bring your hands over and a bit behind your head (not over your chest). This will crush the upper pec too.

- Wide Grip, Elbows High Rows on a Smith Machine for rear delts. Row to chest / nipple level. We did a high rep "destroyer" drop set on these, John Meadows style- 60 reps, then cut the weight in half and do 30 reps, then cut the weight in half again and do more 10 reps, each with a 2-second flex at contraction.

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