Fri, 6 July 18

Moving Faster @ Healthy Baller

I finished up my reload week today with a short training session keeping my normal focus on power/speed for my 3rd gym day.  I trained at Healthy Baller, where I'm working for my last clinical of PT school.  The setting and approach to physical therapy is exactly what I want to do and my first week has been awesome and I have learned a TON.  I may not be able to do all my training there since I obviously need strongman implements for a lot of stuff, but the fact that I can do some of my training there is a huge indicator to me confirming that this type of setting is where I want to work, as one of my primary frustrations with most "normal" PT clinics is a lack of useful equipment for patients who are athletes or higher level in terms of strength, athleticism, ability, etc.  When someone says one of their goals is to get back to deadlifting at the same level they were at before a hamstring or knee injury and all you can do for them is deadlifts with 10 lb DBs, you're not going to be able to do much with their rehab once you get them moving through their normal ROM for DL without pain or compensation, which is a far cry from pulling 90% or more of their prior 1RM.  Anyway, here was my training for today, after which I drove back home to the Eastern Shore for the weekend since I always forget things or realize that I need stuff I didn't initially think/know I would.

Seated DB Box Jumps

5xBW to 30"

3x20 to 30"

2x30 to 30"

2x35 to 30"

2x40 to 30"

2x45 to 30"

2x50 to 30"

I wasn't expecting to be able to work up to 50s today on this, but everything felt nice and easy all the way up.  Since I'm reloading this week, my plan was just to work up to a heavy double, which I figured would be around 35s or 40s.  In retrospect I wish I had gotten video of this for a form check since things felt so good.

Hang Power Snatches

BB warmups: 10x ea of Snatch Grip BTN Press, OH SQ, Muscle Snatch





I had been doing sets of 4 here up to around 175 in training prior to nationals, but doubles at 155 today felt like a good working intensity.

After this I rode the airbike for 15 minutes and stretched out before heading back across the bridge for home.