I recently picked up This Box for box squats. Our typical crew has a couple of guys 5'5 ish up to a guy 6'5ish, so stacking and taking mats on and off the box is a real pain. This box has 3 different heights so it has been a great addition to the gym.

For these box squat triples we used the elitefts Pro Strong Bands, slightly pulling forward, and I used the 16 inch box.

barx5x2sets - this much band tension pulling forward was a little bit of an adjustment.

On thing I've really been working on is my unrack. I can tell a huge difference when I really put myself in a good position and keep my upper back tight and lats tight in the set up and unrack. The 375 was my best set up and felt easier that the 325 before that.

Speed Deadlift:
315 + average bands 8 sets of 1. Everything felt great and very fast. I haven't pulled a regular heavy single in a long time. I am curious to see where I'm at.

Ab Roller 2x15