Sat, 25 Aug 18

Pretty Much Didn't Train @ Iron Strong CF

Finally moved back home after living in tiny one room apartments for the last 4 months during my final two clinicals of PT school.  I was all set for a triumphant return to domination, but my left shoulder had other ideas.  I warmed up well, but it turned out that I had to stop early because things were heading south quickly.

Log C&J (clean each rep)

complex x 90



And that was all.  I was honestly mostly doing log today to warm up for harnessed prowler pulls, but I still was planning to work up to at least the mid 200s.  This was frustrating, but I have no comps coming up and the cleans felt smooth and easy and I know what the problem was (painful/lack of end range external rotation) and have ideas to address it moving forward into next week.

Harnessed Prowler Pull

50' x prowler + 380 - Too light

50' x prowler + 470 - Much better, can still go heavier next time.

Several 50' prowler pushes ranging from prowler + 290 to prowler + 470, with teamwork from Gregg on the heavier ones.

That was was all for today.  I considered doing more, but I was still pretty worn out from finishing up my last clinical and moving home, plus I was able to help Gregg and Dustin with the event so it was at least a productive training session in that regard.