I read stuff all the time from people that don't take deloads, don't do rehab, don't stretch, don't use ice or anything. I don't get it. I don't care what they do. I do what works for me. I know my body and how it works better than any IG Instafame idiot.

I don't take an hour to get ready to train nor do I emerge myself in ice everyday either but I do get my old ass stretched and more mobile than when I walked through the door. I work on this stuff constantly. What have I noticed? Well Im 43 years old, I have been competing for 25 years and guess what? I am still here....

I think I will stick to what works for me instead of what works for you....


6 total sets of 10 swings

Shoulder Horn

5 x 10

Banded Shoulder Stretch

3 x 10 seconds

Mini Band Pull A Parts

3 x 20

Hanging Stretches

3 x 20 seconds

Body Tempering

Hot Tub

20 min

Body Buffering

30 min - head to toe