Here is my top 10 reasons why I love utilizing Kettlebells, not only for the sport competition but for general health and well being as well. After my shoulder surgery 2 years ago my number one reason has changed, here is why. There is no better tool to utilize for improving work capacity, endurance, and conditioning than kettlebells.

1) Tendons of steel.  The ballistic movements of working with kettlebells utilize a dynamic movement that improves synovial fluid distribution in joints, and strengthens both ligaments and tendons “Kettlebells make your ligaments and tendons like iron cable.” After my recent surgery at the age of 53 my Surgeon said my tendons were in amazing condition and I contribute that to years of dedication to Kettlebell training.

2)  Rehabilitation, some  physiotherapists are now implementing light Kettlebell work as part of their rehab programs to improve strength for patients suffering from numerous injuries or surgeries.

3) Maximizing your time.  Kettlebells give you more bang for your buck, you can get in a full body workout in a short period of time. If time is your biggest complaint of not being able to train or workout then Kettlebells are for you.

4) Have Kettlebell will travel. If you travel or go away for a weekend, it’s easy and compact to take one or two kettlebells with you and you could easily complete a full body workout that will completely exhaust you in about twenty minutes.

5) Metabolic Conditioning. This tool will burn fat, guaranteed.  The  compound exercises with little rest in between sets are great in an effort to maximize your calorie burn and increase your metabolic rate during and after the workout and up to 24 hours post workout.

6) Core strength without doing sit-ups, who knew? Kettlebells provide dynamic stabilization exercises. Focusing on protecting your back by engaging your core muscles to protect your spine. Hips and shoulders work in unison and utilizing your core throughout your entire training session. Kettlebells provides abs and obliques of steel.

7) Enhanced Grip Strength.  Without even knowing you are training your grip. I have never dropped a deadlift from loosing my grip, Kettlebells work your forearms and grip strength period. A simple swing, farmers carry, bottom's up, highpulls, the list goes on and on.

8) Glutes of Steel.  If you utilize your kettlebell properly and squeeze your glutes everytime you swing or clean the kettlebell before you know it your glutes are gonna be hard as a rock and who doesn't like nice tight glutes? Also enhance those kegal muscles and never pee again while doing strenuous exercise, especially the deadlift.

9) Space Savers, all you need is a 4 x 6 area in your basement, garage, living room, deck or back yard. Kettlebells can be used in a little bit of space for a full body workout, no excuses with Kettlebells.

10) Mental Toughness.  Training for a Kettlebell competition is nothing short of gruelling. It's a very mental challenge to be able to train and compete in the sport. If you can get your mind past the 10 minute set then half the battle is over.

There is no doubt about it, I love kettlebells, and these are my top ten reasons why. I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. There are lots of different types of kettlebell training as well, fitness kettlebells, hardstyle, crossfit and sport or "Girevoy"  style. I teach fitness and sport kettlebell style. Find out which style would best suit your needs.

The key to success with any training program is finding someone you trust to get the proper guidance, coaching and technique training, you can't rely on everything you see on the internet unfortunately. Here is a great log to some Kettlebell education in case you missed it.

There are also lots of great logs with training and articles on Elitefts for Kettlebells checkout my logs or Ken's articles.



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