Tues, 18 Sept 18

Not Speed Upper

I have opted to forgo speed work for now while I am getting my shoulder back up to snuff.  It's not that it hurts to do it, but rather it is not helping to fix it.  All forms of benching seem to be fine right now, it is just overhead where I notice the instability in my left shoulder.  The front rack position is also sometimes uncomfortable, depending on what type of bar I'm using and the position of my arms/shoulders.

Neutral Grip Seated DB Shoulder Press/Scap Dips




I didn't notice the difference in my shoulder stability from left to right until the set of shoulder presses with 40 lb DBs, so that will be my starting place for next week.  I also used a 3 sec negative on the presses and a 3 sec pause on the scap dips.

Supinated Grip Lat Pulldowns/Side Lying Lateral Raise

15x70/15ea x 10

15x100/15ea x 15

15x100/15ea x 20

I used a 4 sec negative on pulldowns and a 3 sec negative on the lateral raises.

PVC Bench Press/DB Pullovers




This lit up my triceps, pecs, and lats and made me sore as hell in all of the above.  Not sure if it was one of the exercises alone or a combo of the two, but it definitely worked things in a way I was not used to.