Sat, 1 Dec 18

Events @ ISCF

Today I made a tactical error.  I decided it would be a "good" idea to do the yoke/farmer's medley that Steve came up with many moons ago when we were young(er), dumb(er), and full of this and that.  It involves a 50 foot yoke walk, into a 100 foot farmer's walk with a turn at 50 feet so you end up back at the yoke, then another 50 foot yoke carry back to where you started.  It is soul-crushing.  I've done it maybe 4-5 times ever in my 12 years of strongman.  It is enough to be its own training day without anything else and one of the times I did it when I was up at the old S4 compound at EliteFTS World HQ yielded the prepare, perform, prevail pics that pop up from time to time on the site (thanks Ken!).

Thankfully this time, Dustin threw his hat in the old puke bucket with me so I had someone to share the misery with.  My mistake came in trying to do heavy pressing at the end of training after this medley and stones.  Warmups for pressing didn't feel right so I stopped to try to loosen up/warmup/fix what felt off.  I ended up hitting my minimum goal for the day, but I also made my shoulder sore again for several days afterward, which I haven't done since I started fixing it.  Lesson learned (again): total stress in a single training session as well as cumulative needs to be factored in to programming if it is a variable that will not be fairly constant.

Yoke/Farmer's Medley (yoke x 50', farmer's x 100' w/ turn, yoke x 50')

2x50'x365 - yoke only


50'x415/100'x200/50'x415 - This was the warmup set that started giving me flashbacks to the taste and texture of my breakfast.

2x{50'x505/100'x250/50'x505} - Video of first run

This wrecked me for the day.  Also, you'll notice in the header pic that I had to draw an arrow on the cross bar to tell me where the middle was after picking the yoke way off center on my first work run (seen in video).  It worked and the second was much smoother, but of course that's not the one I got video of.

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Stone Over Bar (55")


2x280 - Supposed to be 3x, but missed 2nd rep cause I got pushed back

3x3x280 - Video of auto-return setup

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Log C&J (clean once)

long complex x 85

complex x 135

complex x 185





I stopped after 265 because the clean was pretty questionable in terms of my body mechanics and my shoulder was starting to get sore.  The actual split jerk was great though.  I would have liked to keep going up to 275/285, but I have no comps coming up right now and no reason to push the limits of my shoulder to the point of doing something stupid in training.

No conditioning today because it was starting to rain (for like the 4th or 5th week in a row) and I had a load of equipment in the back of my truck I needed to take back to the Unit that I didn't want to get soaked.