Tsunami Bar® 32” Multi

Tsunami Bar® 32” Multi

The Tsunami Bar® 32” Multi can be used for more than pulldowns. 

  • Recruit more muscular activation
  • A deeper muscular recruitment pattern
  • Bend that bar!

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Tsunami Bar® 32” Multi 

The built-in flex of the bar combined with the fixed weight load require the user to recruit more muscular activation to initiate the pulling motion. A deeper muscular recruitment pattern is also required at the bottom of the pulling motion as the flex of the bar will allow the elbows to pull deeper past the midline of the torso allowing for a fuller contraction of the lats, posterior delt, sub scapular muscles, and rhomboids. 

Advantages of Using a Tsunami Bar® 32” Multi:

The ends of the Tsunami Bar® 32” Multi will bend when you pull down or up allowing the athlete to pull the full weight that is selected. At the bottom of the pull-down movement, the athlete is able to squeeze their shoulder blades closer together by exerting additional force on the ends of the bar which results in further bending of the flexible bar, enhancing the benefit exercises.


The Tsunami Bar® 32” Multi can be used for more than pulldowns. Try the following exercises with attaching chains and bands, too:

  • Bent-over barbell row
  • Seated rows
  • Pushdowns
  • Bicep curls
  • Shoulder raise
  • And more!


  • Material: A rubberized fat grip with a revolving center
  • Length: 32”
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