Under the Bar

Dave Tate's life changing book on life and powerlifting.

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The book is not about training, but it is. This book was not written about business but it was. This book was not compiled to help you better your relationships, but it could be. This book was not written as a road map to help you achieve your goals, but it ended up that way. This book was written to show you that you already have all you need to achieve success in anything you choose to do. You just need to know where to look. 

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"I just wanted to say Thank You for writing a great book like "Under the Bar." Put it bluntly this summer has completly fu**ed up my life. A crappy job in a hostile environment that I need the money for. Constant arguing with my parents. A friend dying, another friendship ending on bad terms, and a third who can't seem to get his life in order. When I sat down and read your book I didn't expect what I got. It was a reminder to me that there is much more in my life to go and that things lead to new directions. I always felt like I had to get ahead of the curve and "catch up" to other people. Wheter it was socially, academically, financially, or in the gym. Reading your book showed that is not the case. It reminded me what it is I set out to do in the beginning. After reading your book I went back to the gym for the first time in almost a month. I look forward to trying my first meet in October. Dave, Thank You so much."

"Dave, I just want to say thanks for writing your book "under the bar". It was a very eye opening book. It made me take a good hard look at myself. When I first got into powerlifting I thought it was all about being a hard ass in and out the gym. I only now realize the only people I hurt in the process was my family. As I read the book I almost felt a though I was reading my own life story. I am now going to ask those hard questions and reach for my goals in powerlifting, my strength and conditioning business and most importantly my family. I know everyone is choking back the tears but, in all seriousness Dave and the rest of the Elite crew keep up the great work you are an inspiration use new powerlifters/business men."

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